On the Art of Afternoon Tea

There is nothing, nothing, more English than afternoon tea. I say "English" very deliberately here, because it is the beating heart of an England that never was. Or maybe never could be - a time between the wars, or maybe before, a time where the afternoon sun shone over a table generously spread with treats which call … Continue reading On the Art of Afternoon Tea


Middle-class Mushrooms

Have you ever heard that quote “life’s too short to stuff a mushroom”? I’ve heard it a few times in the context of life being too quick to do something fiddly and unnecessary. I rather think this unfair to the poor stuffed mushroom, which is a rather splendid thing. It’s the ideal quick-but-nice dinner for … Continue reading Middle-class Mushrooms

Insert pun here: my favourite ice cream shops in Hamburg

Guys, I have seen the review title “Eis Eis Baby” or variants thereon so many times I may well scream. Which will add to the screaming I’m already doing because it’s HOT AS ALL HELL out there. It’s sweat-pooling-in-your-crotch hot, it’s muggy and thick and the sun is relentlessly pounding the joy out of summertime.  … Continue reading Insert pun here: my favourite ice cream shops in Hamburg