Birthday treats – the Iced VoVo Torte

How do you celebrate the best damn husband in all the world? Try and ruin him by making him diabetic, naturally! The inspiration Readers will know that my Lovely One has the sweetest tooth in god’s creation. He will quite happily destroy a tub of Haribos in under 15 minutes and considers serving suggestions a … Continue reading Birthday treats – the Iced VoVo Torte


Food trends for 2018 – the Lewishambles review

HOLA CHUMS. It’s the end of the year which means a few things. You’re gonna get hench, get new clothes, gonna wash that man right outta your hair (unless you married him in 2017 in which case he’s probably lovely), you’re gonna eat better, smarter, harder, faster etc etc. BUT WAIT, WHAT’S THIS?! Is it … Continue reading Food trends for 2018 – the Lewishambles review

Drunk Shopping – the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar edition 2017

 What’s this?! I thought this was a food and random travelling mess blog? When did this become a beauty blog?! - is probably what you’re thinking. This is very much in my head also. But the reason for this is simple. Drunk shopping. The purchase In October 2017, I’d seen internet chat relating to the … Continue reading Drunk Shopping – the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar edition 2017


Ein Berlin Flitterwochen

DISCLAIMER: this post has taken a while to pop up. Life, work and some pretty heavy family business got in the way. Editing this really happy, incredible week felt really hard and upsetting when actually, when I came to do it, it was a healing and joyful experience. Mostly because of my lovely Husband who … Continue reading Ein Berlin Flitterwochen


Sunday morning buns

Sundays are made for lazing, particularly at this time of year. It's something about the crisp autumn air and the light - which is still bright but not too piercing. You can open the curtains, forage for coffee then drowsily wallow in the fresh sheets (if you don't change your sheets every Saturday you're a … Continue reading Sunday morning buns


Lewishambles on Tour: Meatopia 2017

I am not usually one of *those* bloggers. You know, the ones who run to every street food festival/hot new opening/street market to give you their hot take on whatever's new this week. This is largely for two reasons: 1) Because I blog so infrequently I don't think I deserve the term; and 2) Who … Continue reading Lewishambles on Tour: Meatopia 2017


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