The Lewishambles Review: Beyond Burger

When I first moved to Hamburg, I was fully aware that it wasn’t going to be quite the foodie Mecca that London has ballooned into in the last 10 years, but I was pleasantly surprised that the street food movement had gained a little toehold. One of the most successful of these was Vincent Vegan, … Continue reading The Lewishambles Review: Beyond Burger


Food Trends in 2019 – The Lewishambles Review

AND WE´RE BACK!  Its a New Year, people of the world. And this year I’m seeing it in in glorious Germany, home of bread and pig products and a worrying devotion to all things “BIO” in a way I’m almost impressed by. One thing that wont ever change? The TOMFOOLERY OF FOOD TREND PEOPLE!  Some … Continue reading Food Trends in 2019 – The Lewishambles Review