German Delights: Russian Cherry-Chocolate “Pinch-Cake”

Preparing for a wedding is like preparing for a marathon - the exercise starts looming in your mind some months ahead, and before long you start feeling the guilt.... am I preparing enough? Am I ready? Have I missed anything? Oh god why haven't I done more??! Etc etc. It's at time like this you feel like throwing … Continue reading German Delights: Russian Cherry-Chocolate “Pinch-Cake”


Cooking the Books: “Frulingsbrot”

Proper German baking is something I've I've aspired to achieve ever since I first set foot in Berlin about 8 years ago. English bakeries have something slightly down-at-heel, something slightly tatty and sad. I remember huge plastic-fronted counters, usually poorly-lit, with rows and rows of brightly-coloured biscuits, chocolate-covered eclairs and always, always some garish-red glacé … Continue reading Cooking the Books: “Frulingsbrot”

Cooking lessons with Chef Anthony: my Kenyan souvenir recipes…

Oh, hey y'all. Did I mention I went to Kenya recently? I went out to assist our pal Laura in running her fourth medical camp with her wonderful charity Patchworking Against Poverty which helps provide front-line treatment to patients in southwestern Kenya. It was a truly humbling and wonderful experience and I got to see … Continue reading Cooking lessons with Chef Anthony: my Kenyan souvenir recipes…