Whole Orange “Sunday” Cake

Moving to Hamburg has been a revelation in all kinds of ways - with one of the biggest shocks being the “Sunday Rules” which see all supermarkets, shops and most commercial activities closed, as well as a ban on loud noises in most blocks of flats - nixing normal Sunday activities like hoovering, DIY, washing … Continue reading Whole Orange “Sunday” Cake

Birthday treats – the Iced VoVo Torte

How do you celebrate the best damn husband in all the world? Try and ruin him by making him diabetic, naturally! The inspiration Readers will know that my Lovely One has the sweetest tooth in god’s creation. He will quite happily destroy a tub of Haribos in under 15 minutes and considers serving suggestions a … Continue reading Birthday treats – the Iced VoVo Torte

Feasting: Tahini-Orange Pistachio Cake

Everybody has one. You have one, even if you're not admitting it. Hiding in your cupboard, lurking in the fridge. It's the "shame jar". The ingredient you purchase thinking "yes, I absolutely will make this obscure/easily bought pre-prepared/used in teeny-tiny quantities recipe enough times to justify this purchase." In my case, it's usually a result … Continue reading Feasting: Tahini-Orange Pistachio Cake

“Just being is fun”: making Katharine Hepburn’s brownies

I love me a bit of Katharine Hepburn. There's that poise, the determination, the total give-no-fucks ambition that defined her as an actress and meant she lived her life on her own, fabulous terms. Also she was basically both my fantasy girlcrush in the Bringing Up Baby and my fantasy Nana in On Golden Pond. … Continue reading “Just being is fun”: making Katharine Hepburn’s brownies

A cake to celebrate: Schokolade Kirsche-Wolke-Kuchen (Chocolate Cherry-Cloud Cake)

It's been a time of miracles in the Lewishambles household, and much change. Housemate has hit the road and is now safely settled in her lovely new flat in Streatham and suddenly I have to take two busses to get a decent cuppa round here. We're also finally looking at doing up the kitchen and … Continue reading A cake to celebrate: Schokolade Kirsche-Wolke-Kuchen (Chocolate Cherry-Cloud Cake)

German Delights: Russian Cherry-Chocolate “Pinch-Cake”

Preparing for a wedding is like preparing for a marathon - the exercise starts looming in your mind some months ahead, and before long you start feeling the guilt.... am I preparing enough? Am I ready? Have I missed anything? Oh god why haven't I done more??! Etc etc. It's at time like this you feel like throwing … Continue reading German Delights: Russian Cherry-Chocolate “Pinch-Cake”