Settling in suppers – Airbnb Kitchari

  It’s hard working round an unfamiliar kitchen. In an Airbnb, it can be even trickier - you get all the worry of using someone else’s stuff without the benefit of them being there to show you how to use it. In Hamburg, I’ve had the additional stress of needing to relearn using an electric … Continue reading Settling in suppers – Airbnb Kitchari

Nordische by Nature: a new home

It’s been a while and a few recipes since I last did any “propa blogging,” largely due to inherent laziness and incipient feelings that maybe I was not made for the blog life. Maybe I wasn’t interesting enough, maybe there wasn’t anything left to say about Lewishambles?  But the blog life seems to have chosen … Continue reading Nordische by Nature: a new home