things I like

blogs I like – hey, I’m allowed to like pages of those I love 🙂 – food blog inspiration and the reason i put on half a stone recently – life inspiration and similarly responsible for much poundage in the lewishambles household – the kind of blog which fills me with yearnest rage because it’s better than everything I could ever hope to achieve. Period. – for all your scandinavian design porn needs. Seriously gorgeous stuff for people without dogs, kids, makeup or my level of inept clumsiness. – a bit “mummy cool” but cute nonetheless. – see above for my feelings of yearnest rage. – impossibly fun-looking but the kind of projects which would land me in A&E. Fortunately Lovely One is a paramedic so hopefully I can give some of these ago without dying. Probably maimed at the worst. – For all your feelings of inadequacy needs! I jest, it’s a great site for ideas and news updates about things which look awesome.


stuff I like – Made does really great furniture at reasonable prices although the delivery can be hit-and-miss. Sometimes amazing, sometimes things get delivered to buildings 2 miles away (still no idea why). I have many things from Made though, and they’re all brilliant. – snobs be damned, at the end of the day if you’re a time-poor Londoner on a limited budget you’ll end up here. We can’t all furnish our houses from cool charity shops. – visualise the unachievable, people. – amusing images which make me smile when I’m drowning in a sea of “oh god I don’t know what a chartreuse is let alone what colour it is”

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