Lewishambles on Tour: Meatopia 2017

I am not usually one of *those* bloggers. You know, the ones who run to every street food festival/hot new opening/street market to give you their hot take on whatever's new this week. This is largely for two reasons: 1) Because I blog so infrequently I don't think I deserve the term; and 2) Who … Continue reading Lewishambles on Tour: Meatopia 2017


Food trends which should die in 2017

So, that was a year, huh? 2016, or, as many have called it, the Dumpster Fire of the Vanities. Endless memes about how shitty this year was doesn't even begin to touch it. I mean, in one year, I've had to face the following: The "what the hell do we do now" of Brexit and … Continue reading Food trends which should die in 2017

Spanish Steps

What comes to mind when I say "Alicante"? Straw donkeys, strange sticky bottle of green booze left over from a long-forgotten hen weekend? The dubious delights of Benidorm, perhaps? Forget Benidorm. We were invited to the heart of the Valencian Community, the heartland which includes the Costa Blanca, but also stunning mountain ranges, wild cliffs, … Continue reading Spanish Steps