Drunk Shopping – the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar edition 2017

 What’s this?! I thought this was a food and random travelling mess blog? When did this become a beauty blog?! - is probably what you’re thinking. This is very much in my head also. But the reason for this is simple. Drunk shopping. The purchase In October 2017, I’d seen internet chat relating to the … Continue reading Drunk Shopping – the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar edition 2017


Ein Berlin Flitterwochen

DISCLAIMER: this post has taken a while to pop up. Life, work and some pretty heavy family business got in the way. Editing this really happy, incredible week felt really hard and upsetting when actually, when I came to do it, it was a healing and joyful experience. Mostly because of my lovely Husband who … Continue reading Ein Berlin Flitterwochen

Feasting: Tahini-Orange Pistachio Cake

Everybody has one. You have one, even if you're not admitting it. Hiding in your cupboard, lurking in the fridge. It's the "shame jar". The ingredient you purchase thinking "yes, I absolutely will make this obscure/easily bought pre-prepared/used in teeny-tiny quantities recipe enough times to justify this purchase." In my case, it's usually a result … Continue reading Feasting: Tahini-Orange Pistachio Cake

Reinventions – using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

My mother is OBSESSED with Annie Sloan's chalk paint. Since discovering it, she and my father have chalk-painted literally everything in the house which isn't made of fabric. Their dining room is literally doused in the stuff, from a sideboard, to the sconces, to a rather impressively chalk-painted metal Ikea chandelier job. Momma L's passion … Continue reading Reinventions – using Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint