Budget Beauties: Quick Mediterranean Veg Tart

I think that one of the saddest moments a keen home cook can have is when you look in the cupboard and just feel drained of inspiration. That “Jesus, must we have pasta AGAIN?” Feeling which is very particular to Monday and Tuesday nights, usually. I often find that they can become “leftover days” quite … Continue reading Budget Beauties: Quick Mediterranean Veg Tart


Budgetary Requirements: Creamy Chickpeas

I remember back in the early noughties when I headed off to uni, a bright-eyed 18-year-old full of wonder and with the very best of my mum’s kitchen liberally borrowed. I still have the wooden spoon and stir-fry paddle I selected, so worn from use that the handles are shiny and smooth under my now-practised … Continue reading Budgetary Requirements: Creamy Chickpeas

Insert pun here: my favourite ice cream shops in Hamburg

Guys, I have seen the review title “Eis Eis Baby” or variants thereon so many times I may well scream. Which will add to the screaming I’m already doing because it’s HOT AS ALL HELL out there. It’s sweat-pooling-in-your-crotch hot, it’s muggy and thick and the sun is relentlessly pounding the joy out of summertime.  … Continue reading Insert pun here: my favourite ice cream shops in Hamburg

Feasting: Tahini-Orange Pistachio Cake

Everybody has one. You have one, even if you're not admitting it. Hiding in your cupboard, lurking in the fridge. It's the "shame jar". The ingredient you purchase thinking "yes, I absolutely will make this obscure/easily bought pre-prepared/used in teeny-tiny quantities recipe enough times to justify this purchase." In my case, it's usually a result … Continue reading Feasting: Tahini-Orange Pistachio Cake