Spanish Steps

What comes to mind when I say "Alicante"? Straw donkeys, strange sticky bottle of green booze left over from a long-forgotten hen weekend? The dubious delights of Benidorm, perhaps? Forget Benidorm. We were invited to the heart of the Valencian Community, the heartland which includes the Costa Blanca, but also stunning mountain ranges, wild cliffs, … Continue reading Spanish Steps


Dubbel Chocolate Cake

No, it's not a spelling error. For my good friend's birthday I was invited to join him on a mini brewery tour of the delectable Maltby Street Market, home of the Kernel Brewery, Southwark Brewing Co, Brew by Numbers and the Bottle Shop. So when considering what cake to bring along, naturally my thoughts turned … Continue reading Dubbel Chocolate Cake


Regular readers (hi Daddy! Hey Lovely One's Mama!) will have noticed a lack of activity online. This was because I was busy with some important BIDNESS. Behold:   This year's big hols saw the Lovely One and I travel in Malaysia and Western Australia and try to cram in sightseeing, family time and friends between … Continue reading Reboot…