Doing the Durian

Ah, Durian. "King of Fruits", bringer of funk, super-scary crazy fruit. At once creamy, smelly, sweet, delicious and gross all in one. Durian is to Malaysia what Tea is to Brits, or what BBQ is to the Deep South - it goes beyond foodstuff and into the backbone of culture. "So what's it like, Lewishambles?" … Continue reading Doing the Durian


Lewishambles On Tour: Street Art in Perth – a photoessay

One of the joys of travelling is the chance to see how a city apart from your own expresses it's personality, how people interact with the space and how blimmin gorgeous they can make it. Perth is a really unusual city in that it actively encourages street art and there isn't a lot of what … Continue reading Lewishambles On Tour: Street Art in Perth – a photoessay


Regular readers (hi Daddy! Hey Lovely One's Mama!) will have noticed a lack of activity online. This was because I was busy with some important BIDNESS. Behold:   This year's big hols saw the Lovely One and I travel in Malaysia and Western Australia and try to cram in sightseeing, family time and friends between … Continue reading Reboot…