Viennese Whirl II: ALL THE CARBS edition

Going to a German-speaking country, a German-souled country, even, was the plan of Lovely One who had the choice of holiday as it was his birthday while we were away. And since Oz is a little far even for a long long weekend, his second choice had to be German-speaking. Vienna popped out of his … Continue reading Viennese Whirl II: ALL THE CARBS edition


Viennese Whirl – sights

  Vienna is MAGIC. Forget Before Sunrise and The Third Man and instead concentrate on the history of the place, which ebbs and flows like the Danube. Myself and the Lovely One spent five days roaming around the city, sampling the sights, and sounds, and tastes. I'll do some proper posts on some of the … Continue reading Viennese Whirl – sights