Doing the Durian

Ah, Durian. "King of Fruits", bringer of funk, super-scary crazy fruit. At once creamy, smelly, sweet, delicious and gross all in one. Durian is to Malaysia what Tea is to Brits, or what BBQ is to the Deep South - it goes beyond foodstuff and into the backbone of culture. "So what's it like, Lewishambles?" … Continue reading Doing the Durian

Local Treasures: Street Feast MODEL MARKET

This weekend saw the return of one of the most exciting food events for Lewisham Locals. It's big (4,400 people visited this weekend), it's varied (12 stalls, 5 bars, about 8 different cuisines) and it's bloody delicious. Y'all KNOW what I'm talking' about. Yup. It's this: Model Market describes itself as a "game changer" and … Continue reading Local Treasures: Street Feast MODEL MARKET