Food trends which should die in 2017

So, that was a year, huh? 2016, or, as many have called it, the Dumpster Fire of the Vanities. Endless memes about how shitty this year was doesn't even begin to touch it. I mean, in one year, I've had to face the following: The "what the hell do we do now" of Brexit and … Continue reading Food trends which should die in 2017

Emergency Dinner Party: Shakshouka Tart

It is a truth universally acknowledged that "It is a truth universally acknowledged" is one of the best starting lines in literature (Pride and Prejudice, people). It consequently is one of the most stolen and over-used. So I make apologies for noting that my use of it in this context is hackneyed, trite and boring. … Continue reading Emergency Dinner Party: Shakshouka Tart