A cake to celebrate: Schokolade Kirsche-Wolke-Kuchen (Chocolate Cherry-Cloud Cake)

It's been a time of miracles in the Lewishambles household, and much change. Housemate has hit the road and is now safely settled in her lovely new flat in Streatham and suddenly I have to take two busses to get a decent cuppa round here. We're also finally looking at doing up the kitchen and … Continue reading A cake to celebrate: Schokolade Kirsche-Wolke-Kuchen (Chocolate Cherry-Cloud Cake)

The Spice Trail: Chocolate Walnut Cardamom Cookies

Things which I am told which I am not sure are true: "If you shave it, the hair grows back thicker" "Don't go swimming for two hours after eating or you'll get CRAMPS AND DROWN." "If you swallow gum, it will stay in your tummy for seven years." "Ground cardamom's a waste of time. Never … Continue reading The Spice Trail: Chocolate Walnut Cardamom Cookies

German Delights: Russian Cherry-Chocolate “Pinch-Cake”

Preparing for a wedding is like preparing for a marathon - the exercise starts looming in your mind some months ahead, and before long you start feeling the guilt.... am I preparing enough? Am I ready? Have I missed anything? Oh god why haven't I done more??! Etc etc. It's at time like this you feel like throwing … Continue reading German Delights: Russian Cherry-Chocolate “Pinch-Cake”

Cooking the Books: “Frulingsbrot”

Proper German baking is something I've I've aspired to achieve ever since I first set foot in Berlin about 8 years ago. English bakeries have something slightly down-at-heel, something slightly tatty and sad. I remember huge plastic-fronted counters, usually poorly-lit, with rows and rows of brightly-coloured biscuits, chocolate-covered eclairs and always, always some garish-red glacé … Continue reading Cooking the Books: “Frulingsbrot”

Easter Buns

Easter is possibly one of my favourite times of year. It's about family, relaxing and a four-day weekend after getting through a usually dark and depressing winter. It's the promise of spring, warmth in the air and the smell of daffodils and herbs. I've recently returned from Spain where they DO Easter in a big … Continue reading Easter Buns