Cooking the Books: “Frulingsbrot”

Proper German baking is something I've I've aspired to achieve ever since I first set foot in Berlin about 8 years ago. English bakeries have something slightly down-at-heel, something slightly tatty and sad. I remember huge plastic-fronted counters, usually poorly-lit, with rows and rows of brightly-coloured biscuits, chocolate-covered eclairs and always, always some garish-red glacĂ© … Continue reading Cooking the Books: “Frulingsbrot”


Cooking lessons with Chef Anthony: my Kenyan souvenir recipes…

Oh, hey y'all. Did I mention I went to Kenya recently? I went out to assist our pal Laura in running her fourth medical camp with her wonderful charity Patchworking Against Poverty which helps provide front-line treatment to patients in southwestern Kenya. It was a truly humbling and wonderful experience and I got to see … Continue reading Cooking lessons with Chef Anthony: my Kenyan souvenir recipes…

Spanish Steps

What comes to mind when I say "Alicante"? Straw donkeys, strange sticky bottle of green booze left over from a long-forgotten hen weekend? The dubious delights of Benidorm, perhaps? Forget Benidorm. We were invited to the heart of the Valencian Community, the heartland which includes the Costa Blanca, but also stunning mountain ranges, wild cliffs, … Continue reading Spanish Steps