Nordische by Nature: a new home


It’s been a while and a few recipes since I last did any “propa blogging,” largely due to inherent laziness and incipient feelings that maybe I was not made for the blog life. Maybe I wasn’t interesting enough, maybe there wasn’t anything left to say about Lewishambles? 

But the blog life seems to have chosen me. Late last year the Lovely One was getting interest from employers in Germany. It was interesting, exciting and kind of irresistible. Before we knew it, we were packing up our belongings and moving to Hamburg, perched on the edge of the River Elbe and gateway to East Europe. 

Hamburg is one of those cities which doesn’t really loom large in the British imagination. It conjures up rough memories of the Beatles and sex workers, and occasionally someone from the older generation will go a bit quiet and ask if that was were some of the “bad bombing” happened (not to spoil the subject of a later post, but yes, that was where the Really Bad Bombing happened during WWII). 

I did have the benefit of having visited the city twice in recent years, and so I am broadly familiar with the layout and background, though my aim in the coming months is to get to know the city better and find secret and special places that I can pretend to be really knowledgable and cool about. I like the idea of charting my relationship with a new home and record the things I’m liking and not liking as I go along. It won’t be an official traveler’s guide but hopefully it will be a little insight into the world I’m entering.

That said, I’m not about to become Bruce Chatwin about it all. That’s for a number of reasons, the first being that I’m not a closeted gay man living with HIV and the second that I’m not really a poetic writer of stuff as such. I dick about writing recipes online which is a rather more prosaic form of *art* and frankly one I connect with better. I mean, I can wang on about Patagonia or some such but I’m always going to do better writing what I know which is mainly food and occasionally the stuff happening around me. 

So with the above in mind, and I’ll always be Lewishambles til I die (SE London forever), and while it’s time to don a new identity and shrug off an old costume for a new one, a new name just wouldn’t come to me. Trying to think of something good was a time-consuming process, largely as my new city has an unfortunately close association with ground meat in my home country. In the end, I figured that Lewieshambles was as good as any other name for what I am and who I am, so Lewishambles I shall remain. 

Until I think of a better name… 

FULL DISCLOSURE: (I also got kind of stuck around the idea of Hamburger Helper which while Americans would get it, basically NO ONE ELSE would. )


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