Reboot… again

So I fell off the blogging wagon, big style… My defence is fairly weak, because when you’re laying up in hotel rooms frankly you should have something better to do than stare listlessly at Netflix churning on your iPad while you lay in a too-small bath in clouds of foam. That said, staring listlessly at your screen while you try to come up with another blog on why working away from home isn’t much fun is no better, I believe. While working in Manchester I got used to the thrum of commuter life, swaying on a Pendolino bound for The NorthTM and wondering which restaurant in the city centre was going to get my patronage that night.

But it’s a new year, a new start, and new challenges as I start afresh with a new posting an hour outside London, which makes it “technically commutable” (!) and means I get to come home and see what my flat looks like at least once during the week. This is valuable as it means:

  1. I don’t spend most of my weekend washing everything I own and planning for the week ahead – which really makes you Captain Fun on a Saturday night out; and
  2. I don’t spend the week worrying about the state of my stomach as I contemplate yet another room service pcik n mix (odd vegetarian burger and some garlic spinach? Why not?)

So, where is Lewishambles as we head into 2016?

First, I’m technically in training for the Bath Half, so am trying to run as much as possible while not shovelling all the sugar in god’s creation into my mouth. Second, I’m doing weeknight vegetarianism as much as I can, so as to lessen my feelings of guilt about *things* (I spent a lot of time up NorthTM watching docs about how everything I do will kill me, those I love and the planet – what larks!). Finally, the Lewishambles Tour don’t stop as Lovely One and I look set to travel to about 5 countries this year.

So it’s not all bad, even though the creator appears to be taking those I love most* away from me. I mean, look:


*NB, re the sad deaths of Terry Pratchett, David Bowie and Alan Rickman, I would like a report on the state of health of the following, please:

  • Ian McKellen
  • Patrick Stewart
  • William Shatner
  • Helen Mirren
  • Dame Judi Dench (yes, this title applies to other people on the list, but the Dame just exudes *Dameness* so her name is this now)
  • Maggie Smith
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Delia
  • Henry Rollins
  • Frank Black
  • Alan Bennett and
  • GRR Martin (the man owes me, I spent a lot of time on those books).

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