A month of experiments: Vegetarian October

In June, I tried making my own bread for a month. It was a pretty cool experiment and spurred me on not only in terms of working a bit more for my daily bread, but in terms of getting creative and organising myself in the kitchen. In keeping with this spirit, I decided I’d try to experiment a bit more often, and so when October rolled around I decided I’d try it again.

Stoptober is a big deal at the moment, but since I don’t smoke and have never been a big drinker anyway, I decided instead to take a look at what I did too much of – and paused at the “MEAT” button. Hey, I ain’t gonna lie. I love meat. Whether it’s beef, chicken, pork, game or fish, I am a lover, and really don’t have a massive issue with the idea of eating dead things.

That being said, I know that from a sustainability point of view, it’s not really good enough to set the moral issue to the side because BACON or whatever. And when I think about the way in which I consume meat, I know it could be better. Because buying bits of animal, especially chicken pieces, is known to be a really wasteful way of purchasing, and the amount of wastage in the industry is just incredible enough already. My good friend the Foodie (formerly in restaurantage, and now working as a science officer for the RSPCA ensuring the well-being of farm animals) has told me toe-curling stories of sheer horror which while not exactly putting me off my burger, certainly makes me think twice about whether or not I should make meat the centrepiece of my daily meals.

So in order to kick myself up the butt and get a bit more creative about dinnertime, I decided it was time to get real and go meatless for a month. I usually have a meat-free January but then tend to allow cheat days and fish on weekends, kind of thing. This time, I’ve decided that cheating was strictly for very special occasions and I should make the effort to find decent meat substitutes instead of throwing up my hands and deciding that fish is the dish of the day, again.

So far I’ve done well, resisting the temptations of German reunification day (aka SAUSAGEFEST although I’ll be honest, Quorn franks are a bit horrible), survived a night out at the final ModelMarket of the year with only one cheat and have even stayed meat-free when cooking for others. Let’s see how the rest of the month goes!

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