#SimNight prep: getting ready for a night shift

essential supplies
essential supplies

I had always assumed that Night Shifts were about endurance and energy. Kind of like a “no pain, no gain” scenario where you throw yourself at the task and hope to get through it. Coffee, massive amounts of sugar and possibly a pro plus or two. This, however, is something that I’m assured is very, very stupid, for a number of reasons:

  1. Surviving night shift is in fact about preparation and planning. Getting strategic naps in, making sure you’re eating right, and avoiding anything which messes too much with your system – like caffeine.
  2. Also, pro plus does strange and horrific things to my digestion. Like, if inexpertly used, I basically recreate the exorcist except with without any crucifix abuse and yoga moves. But the mood swings, explosive vomiting and the terrible, terrible rage – all there.
  3. You can’t just throw yourself into a marathon, so why would you think you can do the same for something like this? You need training, preparation, and a few practice runs. To that end, I’ve been staying up late the last two nights and thinking about the vital equipment I’ll need to make it through.

So far, I’ve gathered together the following essential items:

  • biscuits
  • green tea
  • bananas
  • lemon and honey
  • a batch of Kardemomme Snurrer or scandinavian cardamom buns

I’m certain that this is all going to help.

Follow the fun @lewishambles from 5pm tonight, using the hashtag #SimNight


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