Interlude: freedom!

So, I quit my job.

That sounds rather dramatic, doesn’t it? You conjure up visions of tears, tantrums and storming out of offices (“YOU’LL NEVER OWN MY SOUL!”) when actually it was a rather well-thought-out and friendly parting of the ways. I have a new job lined up for October and felt that a 6 week break was not only merited but damn well deserved. It only occurred to me in the last week of work that I hadn’t had a break that long since I was at university, back when I still had perky boobs and a recognisable ass instead of the bin bag full of yoghurt I call my posterior.

Having spent a week at the parents and running up to the bank holiday basically tidying the heck out of my life, I’m now in a position to enjoy my freedom. This may mean a bit more writing, perhaps a bit of kitchen experimentation – and a possible blog overhaul – but there are a few things I will be doing during the time off:

  1. ADVENTURES: I have a big holiday in Malaysia and Australia coming up. No details yet as I haven’t yet ironed out the precise itinerary – but it’s going to be a good’un!
  2. LEARNING: I’m going to get my head around sewing machines, courtesy of Flatmate, and will be doing a Simulated Nightshift with the Lovely One to understand the work of shift work a bit better. As my favourite member of the NHS, he and his colleagues put in punishing hours as par for the course. By managing to stay awake for 12 hours – complete with randomly allocated tasks and probably accompanied by a lot of old episodes of “999: lifesavers” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you weren’t a British Child in the 90s – if you do, HOLLA AT ME BRETHREN!).
  3. COOKING: I have a few classics to get under my belt in the next few weeks. But it is likely to involve trying a few new challenges and learning some new kitchen skills. It may also involve me putting on a half stone, however I’ll be doing my best to stave it off by…
  4. TRAINING: I’ve my first big run in a while coming up at the end of October. I’ve previously trained for and completed big runs (I ran the Bath Half twice and – rather surprisingly – completed it both times) but it’s been a while and I’m pushing myself with a new challenge. I’ll also be training while I’m abroad which will probably make me the least fun person to travel with ever.

It’s a jam-packed agenda for the next 6 weeks, but I’m determined to make them count.

Maybe there’ll be a BIT of chilling.

Maybe. Probably.

*sits on couch, turns on another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race*

*seeks out snacks*

*regrets list*

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