… aaaah, VIENNA.

So, I’m off on hols so may – in the words of the great Captain Oates – be some time. And like Captain Oates I’m headed off to seek snow and frost, except this time in the land of ALL THE CAKES (Austria!). Unlike Captain Oates, however, I’ll be back soon.

In the meantime, enjoy pictures of the charming parakeets I found on Lee High Road. I’d read quite a lot about the parakeets of London, sad fool that I am. It’s a fascinating mess of silly theories and quite startling numbers (50,000?! in Richmond park?). Some say they’re offspring of a flock which escaped Ealing studios in the sixties, others say that Jimi Hendrix released a mating pair in the 70s and it all kicked off from there. Yet more blame private collectors with rickety sheds in the great hurricane of 1989. Lawd only knows at this point, but suffice it to say there are a lot round here. Last summer I was regularly awoken by a chorus of squawks from the garden of the flat I was staying. Expecting magpies, I saw a riot of colour and running outside, saw a cloud of green birds pour into the sky out of the sky (because some idiot in a nightdress had run outside) and I’ll admit I had a bit of a teary moment. Gorgeous.

Put simply, it seems that there are two varieties of imported parakeet in London. The first is the Monk parakeet, a rather large and untidy green-and-white bird found mainly on the Isle of Dogs. However, more common (and what I saw) are rose-ringed parakeets which apparently thrive in Kingston but have also been seen in Richmond and Greenwich (HOLLA AT ME BITCHES!).

Enjoy, and I’ll be back soon with more pictures of cake. Frankly, I’m beginning to think that I might as well fess up and call this blog “My life in cake” but frankly that brings to mind something altogether more creepy. I promise there will be no little icing effigies of me anytime soon.


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