I used to think of most people as *newbies*. I wasn’t. I was living in hipster central in Hackney in my lifestyle houseshare and I was looking to move into a house in Walthamstow where all the other lifestylers were looking to move because Hackney got overrun by people who do pop ups and gastropubs. I was all sorted out and knew where to go to get great ramen and craft beer, I knew the names of the baristas in the cool co-op coffee shop which had opened up nearby and I was really into all of the street art.

And then life intervened and suddenly I was a newby again, living in a friend’s flat in Lewisham, which was the first time ever I’d really been south of the river for longer than it took to eat a curry in Tooting. I was the noob, or nob, and didn’t know where to go, what to do with myself or how to get my bearings. I was adrift, cut off from familiar surroundings and with no idea how to start again from scratch.

After a year’s wandering I’m settled in a flat which is all mine (sort of) and am settling into a new borough and learning what it takes to be a Sarf Londoner, complete with foibles, preconceptions, misconceptions and all of the other failings. I’m learning bit by bit and I’m hoping to document some of this here. Not because I’m a narcissist (which I am) or because I’m terribly interesting (which I’m not). It’s more because in my time here so far I’ve had so many adventures, discovered so many great things and I’d like to keep a record of them somewhere. It’s a new adventure!

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